EVER NOTICED!! Whenever you open a specific website or seek a particular visiting card, (mostly) a common term “ISO 9001:2008”, “ISO 9000:2005”, “ISO 9001:2015”, “ISO 14001:2015” (certified company) always remains written just below the companies name. How many of you ever wondered and even searched that what that literally means? I am sure there are very few people who know the actual meaning of “ISO certified companies”. Well let’s discuss what these terms actually are and what does it means and how can anyone avail benefit with these terms.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

The body formed by the representatives of various national standards organizations for setting international standards is known as ISO. The main motto for the formation of ISO is to promote proprietary, industrial and commercial standards at worldwide level so that this will facilitate world trade by providing common standards between nations. ISO is a non-government organization with the 162 member countries. Means each member represents their own country so that they can meet annually for the discussion of achieving strategic objectives of ISO. And over than 20,000 standards have already been set and that are related to food safety, agriculture, manufactured products, technology, healthcare etc.


As now we are aware of the term ISO, now the turn comes for its certification. Well the word certification itself states that “A Proof”. A Proof that assures that your company has an ability to maintain ISO management standards which in return helps you to run your business more efficiently. In short, we can say that ISO certification act as a seal or stamp of credibility. It is in the form of written document (certificate) that gives an assurance that a company, be in terms of products, services or even system meets the specific requirements as per the international standards on quality management, environmental management, health and safety etc.

But ISO itself does not issue certificates. They just develop international standards like ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc. For certificate you need to do contact with third parties that would be the external certification bodies. However the committee of ISO has produced a number of standards that are used by these certification bodies. Some of the main standards are mentioned below:-

  1. ISO 9001 – Well ISO 9001 is the most common form of ISO standards. If anyone is getting confused that which one will better suits your business, then ISO 9001 is the best standard to start up with. Also being a core standard, most of the standards are based on this series. As this standard is related with the “Quality Management System” or “QMS” so the main motive of this standard is to focus on customer service by providing the quality products and best services as per customer’s expectation and belief.
  2. ISO 14001 – ISO 14001 is related with the “Environmental Management System” or “EMS”. As the name itself signifies that this standard work for the sake of environment and helps in achieving environment related goals and objectives. This means that any organization that is in the favor of maintaining environmental sustainability can use this standard. Also this standard is meant for all those organizations who deal in the business of waste and recycling of products. In this ways ISO 14001 helps an organization to achieve positive outcomes in relation with environment.
  3. ISO 45001 – ISO 45001 is related with the “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” or “OH&S”. This standard of ISO work for the sake of safety of employees. As we have seen that so many of employees daily meet with an accidents or diseases. So this standard generally provide framework for the safety of employees. This standard also provide benefit to employers in terms of creating better and safe working environment for their employees. In this way the problem of migration can also be overcome.
  4. ISO 13485 – ISO 13485 is related with the “Medical Devices Quality Management System“. This standard is meant for all those organizations that are involved in the manufacturing, production, installation or even servicing of medical devices. The main motive of this standard is that all medical devices that are designed and manufactured must meet the requirement of customers and should be as per the ISO standards. Also if there is any change in the technology that this should also be implemented.


It is so much important to be ISO certified. After reading the below mentioned points, we are pretty much sure that you will not delay the process of getting ISO certification for your organization. The main benefits of ISO Certification are as follows:-

  1. Effective Business Process – As we all know that if any one want to start up then ISO 9001 is the best standard to start up with. As this standard deals with the Quality management system. So in this way by being ISO certified, you can have effictive business processes in terms of goods, services etc. Though every standard has their featured importance in respective manner.
  2. Maintain Product Quality – Each ISO standards works at the international level. As we all know that a standard named “Quality Management System” helps an organization to improve its quality products or even services as per ISO standards. Generally it helps in making your product quality from good to better and from better to best. In this way ISO certification is necessary for maintaining the good quality of your products.
  3. Advantage to gain new Customers – Our new generation is coming up with new thoughts, different strategies and genius minds. And so many customers wants satisfaction in terms of quality, genuinety, purity, credibility etc. Well ISO certification provides all of them and that too under one roof. ISO makes you able to understand the need of your customers. As ISO helps in improving customer satisfaction so that you can boost your credibility after being registered yourself under ISO certification. This will provide you the advantage of gaining many new customers.
  4. Gain More Business – Well being a reputed personality there are several companies who want to join hands with reputed organizations. Some times they add a clause in their contract that the other party must be ISO certified. In that case there Is a scope that you can miss the contract due to such clause. So if you really don’t want to miss the chance to get a good deal with an esteemed company. Just be competitive and go for ISO certification to gain more and more businesses.
  5. Safe Environment – one of the ISO standards ( ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management) is meant for the safety of employees. By adopting this standard of ISO certification, one can provide safe and risk free environment to its employees so that participation of employees can also be improved. As today each and every employee expect a safety of work in regards of any accidents or mishappenings in their work areas. Here, ISO certification is necessary for providing a standard for creating safe environment.
  6. International Quality benchmark – As ISO is formed by the representatives of national standards organizations for the promotion of achieving standards in proprietary, commercial and industrial sectors. In this way, by implementing the new standards, one can easily set a benchmark of internationl level of quality in their products and services. Hence, your products and services will become more evaluated and standardized.

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